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Cynthia Draaibaar

Cynthia Draaibaar born on 27 October 1973 in Suriname,
Suriname is a beautiful country where 40% of the people are
She is a fulltime minister in dance, moving in the apostolic,
but as a professional she have studied Network System
Engineer, overall she is an Microsoft ICT specialist and a
Microsoft Certified Trainer. She also has her Herbal certification and hair care formulation diploma. She is currently studying dermatology (natural basics)

She finished Bible school in Suriname and studied a lot about the Christian Arts in dance.
She got online training from Pastor Lynn Hayden(studied her full syllabus), did self-study
on the full syllabus of Shachah dance Ministries, studied Bachelor of Christian Dance and
EITI with Dr.Pamela Hardy.
Cynthia is married to Ricky Boetius, they have 3 children together. Cherady, Chavilio, Ibchar
Boetius. 25 years ago she gave her life to Jesus, it is still the most amazing experience she
had in her life. She was a member of Bribi Ministries church covered by Apostle Irma Gimith-
Woerdings for 23 years. She is now ordained as an independent Apostle to lead her own
church/ ministry.
And therefore she joined the Global Tent Maker Ministery as a Co- Leader.

Cynthia is the founder and director of Dance The Walls Down Ministries teaching over
125 students every saturday, and the founder and director of β€œHet Christelijk dans netwerk
Suriname” (The Christian Dance Network Suriname).
She is doing a lot of projects to impact her nation, one of which is “1000 dancers” with more than 3000 people coming together.

Cynthia is also the founder and visionary of the schoolproject in which children between the age of 10 to
16 years old are getting to know the Lord through creative arts. In the years 2016- 2019
we have reach like 1500 young children with the gospel.

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