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Discipling The Nations- Brings Restoration


TGTM’s mission

We are happy to help make the world a better place. We are therefore fully committed to helping young adults, in particular to (re)discover their identity in Christ and to get to know and reach their destination.

In addition, it is our mission to combat poverty and misery in developing nations, thereby putting into practice the revealing of the sons of God. TGTM actually wants to care about the poor, widows and especially orphans. In addition, the poor are not the only ones who are poor in financial terms, since the socially wealthy can also be poor.

TGTM’s vision

We want to contribute to a global cohesive society and provide practical help where necessary by means of coaching and providing training.

We are involved in:

  • planting Apostolic Training Centers
  • planting Discipleship Houses
  • Church planting
  • planting living room editions (small churches)
  • building wells in developing nations
  • building schools and providing/facilitating education to children and adults in developing nations
  • job creation (for example by setting up a factory) in developing nations
  • facilitating medical posts in developing nations

Business form

The entrepreneurial form of The Global Tentmaker Ministries is a non-profit organisation, since the organization does not want to make a profit, however, on the contrary, it wants to help to build the body of Christ and to strengthen the less energetic, both materially and emotionally.


To achieve the objectives of TGTM, the organization split into divisions. The divisions are intended to become operational in each country where TGTM operates. Depending on the situation in the country in question, the visionaries can choose to start with one or more divisions. A brief description of the divisions is as follows.

Apostolic Training Centers

Apostolic Training Centers: Ephesians 4: 11-14, Matthew 28:19

TGTM Ministries Apostolic Training Centers have been created to equip and send out disciples who have regained their freedom. These last two pillars of the vision of TGTM Ministries are created by ministers of the fivefold ministry.

Church planting

Biblical foundation: 2 Timothy 2:2 “Pass on what you have heard from many of me to reliable people who are qualified to teach others.”

Church planting is indispensable. It is a proven effective way to accommodate people who have little or no access to a church.

Living Room Edition Discipleship

Times change and that is why we are trying to reach and approach the younger generations of our society as personally as possible. We do this through our new-style church, called Living Room Edition (LRE). The vision of the Living Room Edition is to offer young adults the opportunity to meet God in a homely atmosphere and in an accessible way and to get in touch with other like-minded young people.

Discipleship Houses

The discipleship houses are the aorta of TGTM Ministries. This is where young adults come in small groups and are generally restored and equipped.


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